Beach Project

You are hereby invited to the inaugural Columbia Ridge Wheelbarrow Olympics!! We plan to move a significant amount of gravel onto the foreshore in front of our beach docks next Saturday, June 23 beginning at 9:00am. This is to provide more protection during the current high water period as well as to build up the foreshore in order to reduce the drop from the deck level.

We need as many wheelbarrows (with operators) as possible, 16-20 would be ideal to accomplish this in a reasonable time frame. Anyone who doesn't have a wheelbarrow is still welcome, to allow some rest periods, or to rake/shovel some of the gravel into place once dumped and for other general tasks (we will be using a bobcat to load the wheelbarrows).

Please respond to if you can help, and specify whether you can bring a wheelbarrow. See you next Saturday! Beverages and lunch will be provided.

  • Saturday June 23rd 2012 9:00am (UTC)

    Saturday June 23rd 2012 9:00am (UTC)


Done at the north beach.