Home Building

All building plans must be reviewed by the the Planning Subcommittee of the Board of Directors prior to receiving a building permit. Please allow 2 - 3 weeks for approval. The RDEK verifies subcommittee approval prior to their approval of a building permit. Please submit:

  • Set of blue prints and site plan for both the house and garage (even if garage is to be built later)
  • Square footage of the main floor
  • Roof, siding & trim materials along with colour samples
  • Water fees & community dues must be paid up to date
  • Please note once construction begins owners have 12 months to complete all exterior construction, with an additional 12 months for landscaping completion
  • Any modifications to submitted plans must be advised
  • Additional information relating to your building plans may be requested by the building committee
  • Please refer to the Guidelines for Building and Architectural Approval, Stucco Guidelines, and your Schedule B (Building Scheme) in the Disclosure Statement for information of the building criteria.

For more information please contact the Housing Committee.

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